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LEMA Summit 2024

1st-2nd Oct 2024

Transforming Local Energy

Working together; tackling common market barriers; and creating a commercial market for smart local energy systems

About Us

The Local Energy Markets Alliance is a business-led initiative to develop commercial market solutions and scale the delivery of consumer-facing local energy systems.

There are multiple local energy system pilots and demonstrators but few fully commercial developments. Our aim is to get beyond this stage. It is mainly a commercial rather than a technical challenge and is for businesses that want to take the initiative.

We encourage, facilitate and accelerate the market for Smart Local Energy Systems

People and culture

Our people are what make us so unique. LEMA's team comprises of members hailing from diverse backgrounds within the energy industry including consultants, housing developers, suppliers, law firms, local councils and more. Together we will navigate the complexities of the Local energy Markets and create impactful and sustainable solutions.

Like-minded businesses focused on commercialising Local Energy Markets across Europe

Shaping a commercialised marketplace

The Alliance is a unique opportunity for businesses to commercialise their innovation through engaging, connecting and collaborating with organisations that have complementary capabilities and parallel interests, to build a commercial marketplace.


The Alliance spans the entire Smart Local Energy System market value chain. It offers different tiers of membership based on size of organisation and level of involvement. It includes members from across Europe responding to development opportunities.

Building the LEMA alliance

"Decarbonising demand is a really big energy challenge. Local energy systems will become an essential part of it so we are delighted to be working with Gemserv to initiate this really important enterprise"

"Local energy systems are a critical enabler to achieving net zero but they must be commercially viable. Gemserv is delighted to be working together with the Traxis Group to support the development of commercially sustainable solutions through the Local Energy Markets Alliance"

"Our vision is for a just energy transition, one that enables us to meet the needs of our diverse communities, to enable decarbonisation and to allow clean tech and innovation to thrive - these objectives align very well with LEMA"

"Cleanwatts have 250 contracts signed and 50 in the process to ignite renewable energy communities. We see LEMA as a tool and a supporting element to go beyond challenges in the market"

Simon Anderson

Co-Founder of LEMA & CEO of Traxis Group

Louisa Matos

Co-Founder of Cleanwatts

Miriam Atkin

Co-Founder of LEMA & Executive Director at Gemserv

Cheryl Hiles

Director of Energy Capital at WMCA

Our Members

More to be announced soon

Interested in joining LEMA?