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Our Members

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We bring together leading organisations to overcome market barriers in smart local energy systems

Membership Activities

Common Interest
Groups (CIGs)

CIGs aim to foster collaboration across and between stakeholder groups. Members of LEMA will join X CIG groups and meet on a regular basis to identify common market barriers and establish small agile working groups to address them.

These groups will aim to think outside of stakeholder silos in order to tackle the issues and barriers at the heart of the successful deployment of smart local energy systems.

Expertise Development

Pooling expertise and resources to address pressing energy related challenges should result in a quicker, more effective and less costly way to address common market barriers.

General meetings

Regular meetings which will oversee the work programme as well as develop relationships and potential collaborations.

Annual Conference

The annual conference will be open to non-members and aim to demonstrate momentum across the market - and also further build relationships and attract new members.

Marketing Services

Additional bespoke marketing services are available to members at extra cost.

Industries involved

Law Firms

Energy Retailers



Property Developers



Service Equipment & Platform Suppliers

Community Representatives